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With over 20 years of Design Experience we can design unique and exclusive spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms.  We will work with you to create your project that is both elegant and functional. Whether modern, traditional, European, or New-England, we have designed and built high-quality projects to fit every design idea or space. Consultations and Installations Let us come to you: we will act on a retainer basis to recommend how you can improve your bathroom. We can provide you with on-site consultations and designs, whether you get your products and labor from us or not. We have our own team of experienced, skilled installers that will create your dream design. Handling Every Step We know that designing a room, obtaining the materials, and contracting the labor can be a harrowing process. That is why we sell complete bathrooms. From concept, to material, to construction we will handle every step in the creation of your personal space. Remote-Progress Reporting Looking to improve a second home? Planning on being away during construction period? Not a problem. We offer construction and site-management services as well
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